“Based on the latest property market trends…”

5 Widely Accepted
“Profitable Condo Factors”...

that are actually costly myths losing you money!

“Based on the latest property market trends…”

5 Widely Accepted
“Profitable Condo Factors”...

that are actually costly myths losing you money!

The Insights I’ll be revealing…

So why is this report free? Because I Keep Seeing Families Make Painful Mistakes Unknowingly!

Whether you’re a HDB Upgrader, first time buyer, or investor, this report is designed to help you avoid unknowingly buy the WRONG condo doomed to lose money.

I’ve had a client who was advised by his previous agent to buy 3 units of 1-Bedder new launch condo units in central with his $4 million cash…

Which turned out to be a COSTLY mistake.

The goal was for all 3 units to appreciate by $100K-$200K, before selling all of them to buy a landed property.

Had I met him then, I would have advised him otherwise – to just go straight for the landed property right off the bat.

Because ALL 3 of those condo units are losing money now…

While the landed property he could have bought back then at $4M, has now appreciated to $5.5M.

Meaning, he is now stuck with 3 money-burning condos racking up 6-figure losses collectively, while he could have been sitting on over a million dollar capital gain with the landed.

Completely opposite to this, I have another family who decided to follow my recommendation to buy a 5-Bedder condo at $2.15M… 

… and they ended up selling it off for a $750K profit at $2.9M in the SAME time frame.

This is why I believe in avoiding painful & costly mistakes when choosing your condo.

One wrong move, and you could end up wasting 5-8 years with that property, while others get to use their 6-figure profits from their condo to help them retire 5-10 years faster, or moving to an even nicer home without using their savings.

That’s why this report exists. 

I’ve distilled all the lessons from my own expensive mistake, coupled with my years in the real estate field, to debunk these myths for you. 

I’m sharing this so you won’t fall for the same common traps I’ve been seeing condo buyers make for the past decade. 

If I can prevent even one person from making a costly mistake, then all my efforts will have been worth it.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. The least I can do is to help you navigate it without falling into traps lurking all over the place.

Who am I, and why should you trust what I have to say?

Hi, I’m Daniel Wong

Having been a Real Estate Consultant for the past decade, I specialize in helping clients upgrade to their dream homes with my 7-Step “TERCLEB” Analysis Framework that are:

1) Suitable for their family’s needs

2) Fundamentally safe investment with good potential for profits

3) Strategic property move that is aligned with their long-term retirement goals

I’ve transacted over $150M worth of properties with 100% of my 200+ clients ALL seeing profits with their property move.

I believe that real estate should be about education – you should be empowered with the right information to accurately make this 7-figure decision for yourself.

Because one wrong move, and it could be a 6-figure mistake that could set you back by YEARS.

That’s why I’m a firm believer that before we even start thinking about making money with our property, we should first avoid LOSING money with it.

Which is why this free report exists.

This won't be here forever...

If you’re a parent or couple looking to upgrade to a new condo that enjoys capital gains, then this free report is a must-read for you.

But a word of warning…

I have no guarantees that this exclusive report will be up forever.

Some of the information inside may be against the “public opinion”, that’s why I may take it down at any moment.

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5 Widely Accepted “Profitable Condo Factors” that are Actually Costly Myths!

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