how this property investor saw a $502K capital gain in 3 years

Mr. Wong, a 35-year-old Director, embarked on a property investment journey with a clear focus: acquiring a property exclusively for investment purposes. 

Being his first foray into property purchase, Mr. Wong was initially uncertain about choosing between a resale or a new condo.

During our consultations, we evaluated both options. 

Resale condos offered immediate rental income but came with the potential for lower capital gains and additional responsibilities such as maintenance and tenant management. 

New condos, on the other hand, promised capital gains in a shorter span of 3-5 years, with benefits like lower initial mortgage payments due to progressive disbursement during construction, and minimal maintenance costs in the early stages.

After extensive discussions, Mr. Wong decided that a new condo aligned better with his investment goals:

Achieving substantial capital gains in a shorter timeframe and enjoying a more manageable financial commitment through progressive payment. 

This approach was particularly appealing to him as it mitigated the risk of high monthly outlays without rental income.

Mr Wong

To narrow down his options to the best investment options, we identified a high-potential development that ticked off several key factors:

1. Entry Price Analysis

Normanton Park offered a very competitive entry price. 

In comparison, many older resale projects in the city fringe Rest of Core Region (RCR) were transacting at over 1,800 psf. 

For a high-floor premium unit at Normanton Park priced at 1,700 psf, this was an attractive proposition. 

This price point positioned Normanton Park well for future capital gains, especially considering the pricing trends in the vicinity.

Exit Plan Consideration:

The Buona Vista area, where Normanton Park is situated, had a limited supply of new projects. In contrast to older developments like Dover Parkview and Heritage View, and smaller new projects like One North-Eden trading at 2,000 psf and above, Normanton Park’s large scale and newness offered a significant first-mover advantage.

Unique Selling Point:

The One North area, a hub for tech firms and a large workforce, presented a high demand for residential options against a backdrop of limited supply. 

This imbalance in the market made Normanton Park a safe investment with excellent growth potential and strong rental appeal.

With These Factors in Mind…

Mr. Wong went ahead to confidently purchase a 3-bedroom high-floor unit (936 sqft) at Normanton Park in January 2021 for $1,647,566 ($1,759 psf), drawn by its greenery and sea views, and its potential for both investment and future homestay.

Fast forward three years, and Mr. Wong’s strategic decision bore fruit. 

He sold the unit 3 years later in 2023 for $2.15M ($2,297 psf), realizing a capital gain of $502,000. 

As an investment unit, Normanton Park has outperformed and brought in almost half a million profit in just 3 years. 

For most Singaporeans, it is difficult to even imagine saving this amount in 3 years. 

Yet Mr Wong managed to achieve this as his returns – a tidy sum that will has increased his net worth towards retirement. 

This success significantly elevated his investment portfolio, increasing his property affordability to $2.4 million for future investments.

He plans to continue pushing his asset net worth up with every round of profit and restructuring by making the most profit in the shortest time. 

We all spend our time working and make money, only to use the money to retire early and buy back time. 

Hence it is not just about the money, it is about the time we spent to make the money faster so that we can retire earlier. 

In summary, Mr. Wong’s journey in the property market is a clear illustration of the impact of strategic investment choices. 

By focusing on key factors part of the 7-Step “T.E.C.Q.U.R.E” Analysis Framework like entry price, supply dynamics, and unique selling points, he not only secured a property with excellent potential for appreciation but also achieved substantial financial growth in a short period. 

His story underscores the importance of informed decision-making in property investment, maximizing both monetary gains and advancing personal financial goals.

Here’s what you can do next

Let’s face it – the  7-Step “T.E.C.Q.U.R.E” Analysis Framework is useless to you without it being actually used to analyze the condos you have in mind.

It will just be something that you’ll forget within a few days.

But your condo move will be a multiple 7-figure decision. We don’t have many chances to get it right.

It will be a decision that will decide whether it’ll help profit multiple 6-figures to speed up your retirement by a couple of years… or a LOSS that will ruin years of savings.

That’s why I want to give you an opportunity to qualify for an exclusive offer:

Apply for a FREE Strategy Session with me personally (worth $299)

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We’ll first run through what you’re looking for in your property move and your family’s requirements, before I’ll share with you various strategies to go about choosing the most suitable (and profitable!) one.

These strategy sessions are obligation-FREE, and we do not have to move forward together if we’re not a good fit — i.e. you can always go to another agent afterwards, no hard feelings.

Here’s what we’ll go through together during the session:

5 Property Mistakes most homeowners make, costing them over $127,277 during the upgrading process

What every home buyer should look out for, that could put them at risk of wasting huge amounts of money and time

Navigating through complex "Financial Calculations" to know what property would be considered “too risky” for you

We’ll run through your finances together and gain clarity over what options you have, so that you’ll be assured that your family will still have a financial safety net with your new home.

Crafting a Personalised "Property Roadmap Journey" designed to help you reap 6-figure profits consistently every few years to snowball your wealth

We’ll design a custom tailored property roadmap for your unique situation, and what you hope to achieve in the next few decades with your property

The 7-Step “T.E.C.Q.U.R.E” Analysis Framework that has successfully identified developments that appreciate by $200K-$750K in the past, be it Resale or New Launch

There are the MAJOR factors that will affect your profits, REGARDLESS of the type of property. Ignoring any one of these could be a huge mistake 5-10 years down the line.

2024-2025 Property Investment Market Outlook

“Is the property market going to go up or down in the coming years?” – I’ll share with you my surprising answer to this question that almost every homeowner has.

Skeptical? I completely get it – here’s why you should even listen to a word I’m saying

Hi, I’m Daniel Wong.

I specialize in helping clients upgrade to their dream homes with my 7-Step “T.E.C.Q.U.R.E” Analysis Framework that are:

1) Suitable for their family’s needs

2) Fundamentally safe investment with good potential for profits

3) Strategic property move that is aligned with their long-term retirement goals

Let me share with you the reason why I got into this industry in the first place:

I saw how my parents were LOSING money with their property without even knowing it!.

Years ago while I was still young, my parents had a brief discussion if they should upgrade from their $300K HDB flat to a specific Executive Condominium (EC) near our HDB worth about $600K. 

But my parents, like many others, believed in the security of fully paying off their HDB and living there forever. 

They didn’t see the point of upgrading to a condo. 

Fast forward to today, that EC could have appreciated to approximately $1.2M. 

Had they made this simple EC move back then…

It would have allowed them to downgrade to a smaller HDB flat, say worth $500K, and still cash out a substantial $700K for their retirement – a significant boost to their golden years.

Instead, they chose to stay in their HDB, which appreciated to $500K by the time they were 55. 

On paper, they made $200K right?

Not exactly – once you factor in CPF accrued interest, and the fact that the cost of newer HDB flats rising, the profit they would have left after downgrading wouldn’t amount to much for their golden years.

Today, they find themselves in a situation where their fully paid HDB flat is more of a financial burden than a retirement asset. 

They’re stuck with an asset that doesn’t align with their retirement needs, one that doesn’t offer the liquidity or the financial freedom they anticipated.

This personal experience with my parents opened my eyes to the importance of strategic property decisions.

It’s not just about owning a home; it’s about how that home fits into your long-term financial and retirement planning. 

This realization is what drives me every day – to help families understand the potential of property investment and to guide them in making choices that won’t just secure a roof over their heads, but also ensure a financially stable and comfortable retirement.

That’s exactly why I want to help more families avoid the same mistake that my parents made.

Not just upgrading to a condo that can preserve your wealth, but GROW it to significantly help you achieve your retirement goals by 5-10 years quicker potentially.

Results That My 7-Step “T.E.C.Q.U.R.E” Analysis Framework Have Achieved

Mr and Mrs Chee - $756K capital gain in 4 years

$756K capital gains in 4 years!
Mr and Mrs Chee, early forties with 2 kids

Mr and Mrs Lim - $505K capital gain in 4 years

$505K capital gains in 3 years!
Mr and Mrs Lim, both 36 with 2 kids

Mr Wong - $502K capital gain in 3 years

$502K capital gains in 3 years!
Mr Wong, property investor

Andrew & Kim – $332K capital gains in 2 years

$322K capital gains in 2 years!
Andrew & Kim, 52 and 50 respectively

What Families Have to Say About Me

Aaron & Claire - 5 Room HDB to Condo

Pei Lin - Looking for her 2nd Investment Property

Chun Liang & Pei Yun - 4 Room HDB to Condo

Here’s what to do next


Click the button to apply for a Strategy Session, and fill up a short form for me to understand your situation better


We’ll hop on a 1-Hour call, designed for you to gain a brand new perspective on your upgrading journey


Select a time for our 1-1 Call via Zoom, where you’ll get my full personalised attention


There is absolutely no obligation for us to move forward together, and all the free resources and information are yours to keep

Here’s what to do next


Click the button below to apply for a Strategy Session, and fill up a short questionnaire for me to understand your situation better


Select a time for our 1-1 Call via Zoom, where you’ll get my full personalised attention


We’ll hop on a 1-Hour call, designed for you to gain a brand new perspective on your upgrading journey


There is absolutely no obligation for us to move forward together, and all the free resources and information are yours to keep

However, I CANNOT help everybody

Let me be transparent — If you’re looking to BTO or just rent a property, I may not be the person to help you (but I’ll gladly refer you to someone I trust!).

I specialise in helping people to understand risk management in the real estate industry to achieve their dream goals based on their needs and finances.

And spots for this free no-obligation Strategy Session are limited to 4 per week, as I only have so many hours in a day.

I prefer giving my absolute best to these 4 weekly Strategy Sessions, instead of giving lacklustre attention to a wide group of people.

That’s why if you do manage to book a slot, rest assured that you’re getting my full personalised attention and expertise.

If you’re a parent or couple looking to plan your next property move, I’d be more than happy to help you gain clarity over your situation and possibilities — regardless of your requirements or financial situation.

If that’s you, go ahead and click the button below to get started.

Still have questions?

This free consultation is obligation free, and it never hurts to hear a second opinion especially when this is a 6-7 figure purchase (one of the biggest purchases in your life!). You can always use the info I will give you to bring back to your agent!

There’s a reason why people seek multiple opinions from different specialist doctors!

Yes! I love solving problems, and I’ve helped many clients with lots of requirements. I had one client who gave me a whole list of requirements such as “Below 1.3M, have a yard, near parents, move-in within 9 months” with the list going on and on.

After some thorough research, I managed to find the perfect place for them!

Other agents push products, but I will not ever recommend you properties without first listening to your situation and doing all the financial planning and property roadmap with you — I care about you and your family beyond the commission.

Through my tried-and-tested “undervalued” criteria, which has worked for both resale and new launch property, it has helped my clients to understand risk management to find that high appreciation potential property that best suits their finances and needs.

It depends! We’ll have to go through your needs and finances together before I can make the best recommendation for your family to be comfortable and happy!

Nope! For all my past clients, I found that it was the most insightful and time-effective for both of us when I shortlisted properties that suited their needs, instead of a generic requirement like just “location”.

Through my experience with clients, I found that us getting on a 1-1 call is the most effective way for me to prescribe you the best recommendations and solutions based on your needs.

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